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“The purity of color truly resonates when the traditional qualities and integrity of a pigment are considered as they relate to other materials in a composition.”

- Dr. Georg Kremer


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November 1st Crash Course: OIL PAINTING: 10 – 12:00pm – free


FAQ : Drying oils….

This course will demonstrate the various oils used in paint – defining pigment absorption and physical behaviors. The demonstration will show how oil paint is made and what additives can manipulate the behavior of the paint when applied or stored for later use. The physical difference of pigments in both oil and water-based media will be explained. I will emphasize the ability to make oil paint matte or glossy, slow or fast drying – make oil paint behave like water-based paint!

Workshop will be taught
by Roger Carmona, General Manager, Instructor – Kremer Pigments NYC.

COST: free
WHEN: November 1, 2014
WHERE: Kremer Pigments NYC
TIME: 10 – Noon

Limited to 15 participants! Act quick, the spots will quickly be taken.
For registration,   please email or call   1(800) 995-5501   THANK YOU!

Spring News from the Colormill

Our new products see Wernerite, Diopside, Oil Varnishes for wood surfaces and more.


Spring News from the colormill,
April 2014, 2,27 MB

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We offer Historic Pigments, traditional Binders, Brushes, Mullers and many other Painting Materials. You are welcome to discover our vast selection of colors.

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The New York Kremer Pigments store is again
owned by Dr. Georg Kremer as of August 1 2008.