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Kremer Pigments NYC will be closed this Saturday, August 1st for our Annual Employee Safety Training. We will reopen Monday, August 3rd at 11 am. Thank you for your understanding. Colorful regards!

“The purity of color truly resonates when the traditional qualities and integrity of a pigment are considered as they relate to other materials in a composition.”

- Dr. Georg Kremer

Oil Paint Class

Watercolor-making hands-on workshop! August 8th, 10 – 2pm

$120 – limited to 10 participants. Email or call us to sign up.

Make your own 14 full pan watercolor set! Pigments available will have a range of varying characteristics. Mixing different pigments can help you grasp the differences of absorption and tinting properties, as well as inspire unconventional methods of application. Using physically different pigments is the best method to truly understand color and to get an understanding of the physical properties pigments impart to light in color.

You will take home a 14 full-pan watercolor set with an aluminum mixing tray. Pigments, mediums and the tools necessary to make watercolors will be provided. Please bring an apron; a dust mask and latex gloves if you choose to.

Class will be taught by Rachael Fischer, Water-based Paint Instructor, KP NYC Paint-Maker, Artist.

Oil Paint Class

Crash Course – Part I: Grounds (gesso) & Pigment Classification

Saturday August 15 @ Kremer Pigments – 10am-Noon
limit 20 participants

Give us a call to sign up or email us at

Classification, grounds, introduction to binders, definitions, physical characteristics of pigments will be discussed and corresponding lists will be provided. Some time will be dedicated to defining terms of raw materials, such as the difference between pigments and dyes, balsams and oils, acrylic dispersions and acrylic resins – a listing of all possible binders. There will be demonstrations of oil, rabbit skin glue, and acrylic grounds with an explanation of the advantage of using each.

Class will be taught by Roger Carmona, Artist, General Manager & Senior Instructor at Kremer Pigments NYC, Materials and Techniques Adjunct Professor of Painting at SUNY Purchase College

Kremer Pigments Catalog

2015 Printed Catalog – call, email or contact us for your free copy.





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