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“The purity of color truly resonates when the traditional qualities and integrity of a pigment are considered as they relate to other materials in a composition.”

- Dr. Georg Kremer

Alchemy of Light: Make your own oil paint from various pigment personalities!

Oil Paint Class

April 26 – 12 – 4pm @ Pioneer Works, Red Hook, Brooklyn: $70

Sign up here. Space is limited – a few spots left!

How does light work in pigments to make color tactile or possibly convey taste? This class will introduce the various personalities of pigments and explain how they stack and suspend in binders. This workshop will serve as an introduction to the layering system of paint and how one can mimic surface and control light.

You will grind and mull pigment to make your own unique oil paint sets! The various oils, additives and fillers such as mica, quartz, and marble dust to name a few, make the personalities of pigments scream out. Although we will make oil paint, you will leave with an understanding of how to make any kind of paint with just one bag of pigment. A brief history of pigments and their use in artists’ oils will lay out the relationship of paint-making with cooking techniques, using some recipes of the old masters and more recent experimental applications.

The materials fee will provide eight different pigments with varied characteristics – some stubborn and flat, others translucent and rich, and even heavy earths and metallic stones. Many people compare using paint they’ve made and ready-made tube paint to the difference between eating a home-cooked meal and fast food. This class will help both the beginner and expert find a new color richness, illuminating the alchemy of light in paint.

Class will be taught by Roger Carmona, General Manager, Instructor at Kremer Pigments NYC, Materials and Techniques Professor of Painting at SUNY Purchase College.

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