For the Love of Watercolor

The manual production of very high-quality pigments when combined with Kremer Watercolor Medium result in colors with the highest brilliancy. Gum Arabic is it also the most important component for painting with watercolors – but then it becomes more complicated.

Since many centuries the manufacturers of watercolors have been trying to improve the quality. For the processing of pigments as a watercolor it is very easy to get an excellent result with Kremer Watercolor Medium


Gum Arabic with honey and glycerin as a softener for a better durability. Most pigments can be mixed directly with this medium and a painting brush.

Here are some examples of Kremer Pigments dispersed in Gillot’s watercolor medium:

Blue Turquoise
Cobalt Blue Turquoise, light, Kremer Watercolor

Permanent Yellow
Permanent Yellow medium, Kremer Watercolor

Chrome Oxide Green
Chrome Oxide Green, Kremer Watercolor

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