Pigments for natural colors - plants, animals, stones ...

These pictures show natural objects together with our pigments. The color comparison allows a better perception of the pigment colors. The photos can also be used to adjust the settings of your computer monitor.

The pictures were taken by Monika Titelius in 2008. Like all of the contents on this website the photos are subject to our copyright.

Hazelnut, Corylus avallana

Hazelnut and Farbglas

39106 Coloured glass, Apple-Yellow, opaque
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Pyracantha and Pigments

39056 Coloured glass, Orange, transparent - Different grain sizes.
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Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum

Tomato and Pigments

Pigments, clockwise, start top left:
23370 Pyramid-Yellow medium - 23250 Permanent Red dark - 44100 Cobalt Green
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